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About Castara

Castara Town Castara is a traditional fishing village where the laid back lifestyle centres around the main Castara beach and Caribbean Sea. The village is a 45 minute drive from the airport at Crown Point, passing through the island´s flat southern end, climbing through the mountains and hills finally reaching this glorious village where a more traditional way of life is embraced.

Fishing in Castara The quality and pace of life here is second to none. Fishing provides a main source of income for many local people. Guest houses tend to be low key and very much part of village life. Snorkeling is exceptional, bird life is amazing and fruits and fauna are in abundance to enjoy. Manta Rays are often spotted from the shore, parrots come down from the rainforest, and mangos, avocados, bananas and oranges are just some of the fruits to enjoy when in season from our garden.

Castara people´s love of life is infectious and you´ll be forced to slow down and relax among nature and fantastic company.Castara You can choose to walk a moonlit beach at night or escape to the deck of your accommodation to enjoy complete privacy and relaxation. You might choose to stroll into some of the small bars or restaurants where you´ll often come across traditional local musicians and singers or indeed join in some impromptu "limes" on the beach with locals.

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